The Power of Emotions

The Power of Emotions

Swarovski SS 2020 Collection is going to give us all the feels.

Below you will find the four trend directions that Swarovski trend experts have identified within the overall theme, as well as corresponding products. Find out how Swarovski Crystals in nature-inspired hues can guide people toward their inner peace, and how neon colors support their increasing desire to express their individual style.

If we were to give a name to the overarching trend that will characterize the spring/summer season, it would be The Power of Emotion.

Trends SS 2020

The Serenity of

The Serenity of Being

Designs will reflect this by embodying a sense of stillness to let you do nothing for a change – just be.

The Joy of

The Joy Of Expression

Designs become a tool of self-expression, a style outlet that helps people live joyfully and present various facets of their personality. 2020 is not the time to hide away!

The Surprise of
the Unexpected

The Surprise Of Unexpected

Designers will elevate the street to the catwalk and tone couture down to everyday life. It’s time to let people’s artistic side flow freely and express themselves.

The Excitement of

The Excitement Of Creativity

Multicultural styles will express an eccentricity, while the complexity of everyday life will be highlighted with patterns and colors as vibrant as can be. So, be different. Be you.

Product Innovations SS 2020

Fancy Stones

Kaleidoscope Fancy Stones

80s disco-inspired jewelry with eye-catching crystal elements will make us want to dance, day and night.

Crystal Electric
Lacquer PRO

Crysta l Electric Lacquer PRO

Surprising new jewelry designs with brilliant crystals in bright shades wrap around the body to fully connect to the wearer.

Spike Flat Backs and
Sew–On Stones

Spike Flat Backs

Dare to combine leather and crystal to form multicultural, eccentric style mash-ups in powerful patterns and radiant colors.

Princess Cut

Princess Cut Pendant

Mix simple bangle styles with imperfect shapes and the subtle sparkle of Princess Cut crystals for a touch of authenticity and emotion.

Text, Image & Video Credits: © D. Swarovski Distribution GmbH